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I'm so freaking happy right now- litterally crying with happiness: 

Hello from Florida!

I finally have a chance to update!! Things have been so busy down here in Orlando! So as I sit here with Kelly and Krissy in the apartment, watching WESH news, I'll give you a brief overview of what has been going on:

- Kelly, Krissy, Britt and I got our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Chatham
- Joe and Lindsay are in Chatham too!
- I'm working at the American Adventure's resturant, The Liberty Inn, in Epcot!!
- We have a really cool hammock inside our apartment (yes, inside)
- We love our WESH news
- Our apartment is sooo pretty

Tomorrow I have traditions class, and then Saturday is my 19th birthday!! I have to work on my birthday, but at least I'll be at Disney World! 

Joe and Britt just got back, so I'll write another entry when I can.

Is it just me, or is every day leading up to disney stressful? Today was pretty bad. My goodbyes have started, and they're pretty tough. Today was the last time I'll see my psychologist until Jan. I've been going to her since I started high school (I have ADHD and anxiety). At first I was forced to go to her cause my ADHD, but after a while she became more like a friend and I chose to go there. It's nice to have someone you can talk to and know that anything you say won't leave the room. Anyway, I've grown really close to her over the years, and now I won't be able to run to her when I need to talk! I tried so hard not to cry in the room, it was tough. When I was leaving she gave me this little metal clicker thing to use when I'm stressed (instead of what I normally do- grab my arm). I swear I'm going to keep that thing on me at all times. I just had it in my hand because....

My dad is an asshole! If you read the post before this one, you'll know Penn State suddenly told me I can't take online courses through them while I'm in FL. I told my dad this about 15 minutes ago and he freaked out! He was like "oh how long have you been waiting to tell me this one?!" and "so what are you going to do down? Just go down to FL and have fun? Are you just going to drop out of college" etc, etc. Then I said I could take online classes through the community college here and he basically called me a failure. Nice huh? I orgininally wanted to do courses at Monmouth, but it was too late to be considered. So yeah, I can't stand my dad. It's not my fault!!

I hope you're all having better days leading up to disney!

I think it is finally beginning to sink in that in less than two weeks I will be moving to Orlando. It still hasn't totally hit me yet, but I think it will tomorrow when I go to get my hair cut and dyed to go along with the "disney look" guidelines. It's going to be so weird having my hair light again! My hair is red naturally, but I dye it brown (although I've been letting the roots grown in to see how it would look). According to the disney guidelines we can dye our hair but it has to be "natural looking", so I'm going to go for auburn, hopefully it looks good! 

In other news-

I have to say, Penn State officially sucks, and here is why. Do you all remember how I was told I had to take 12 or more credits during the college program or else I'd fall behind? Well I get a call today, apparently I am not allowed to take any Penn State courses during my semester away from the school, which includes Penn State World (the online school), which I was originally told was where I had to take my classes. So this means all the time I spent picking out classes was a waste of my time. So I thought, "this could be nice, I'll get a semester of no school work!" However, this isn't good because now I'll fall behind! I want to graduate by 09 like I'm supposed to! Now I need to find a school that will let me take online courses while I'm in Orlando. I'm looking into Monmouth (where I want to transfer to anyway), hopefully they'll let me in, although the transfer application deadline passed 2 weeks ago. 

Oh and I had a really weird dream last night. To make it short, I went to another Bon Jovi show and snuck on stage, but only for two songs. After the second song they brought out little bo peep, her sheep, and these random kids in ugly outfits. Then I looked behind me and saw NYC in the background (although the stadium looked like the one in Philly), and decided I needed to call Joe. After calling him, he was suddenly there! Also, I touched Jon Bon Jovi''s arm and tried to take a pic of my hand holding his arm, but my camera wouldn't work! I also was really amused by how smooth Jon's skin was. 

It was an odd dream. 

Alright, I'm off to pick out a hotel for Orlando!

Has anyone ever had a panic attack? I have, and I feel like I'm in a constant one right now. You see, I take concerta for my ADHD, and if I go a long time without taking it and suddenly start again I get weird side affects for a few days. I went over a month without taking it, and recently started it again. My heart is pounding like crazy right now and I'm shaking, it's not pleasant!

I'm heading to my beach house in a few hours to spend the weekend there. It should be fun because my friend Ann Marie is coming, but it is also sad. Tomorrow is the last day I'm going to see my brother until next year! Crazy, huh? It's going to be so weird because we actually get along really well (most of the time) and hang out a lot. The reason I won't see him is because he has to go to this international gymnastics camp (he's a gymnast, obviously). Carly is actually at the camp too, but she comes back the 12th. 

One last thing- I have a friend named Joya (potthead) and I just realized that she has a great icon page! I don't know how I just noticed haha, but it's worth checking out! Just go to inyourpants_ I'm sure you'll find something you like!

Back to packing for the beach! I hope the waves are good this weekend!

EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention! I'm 90% sure that Svetlana (from the Real World) was tailing me on the way to the gym yesterday. It sure looked like her and her car, and she was coming from the same direction as me for a while. I guess that means shes back.... goodie.

Good evening everyone!

It's August- how crazy is that?! Where did the summer go! However, I am so glad it is finally August, because three great things occur this month; I move to Disney World, the Philadelphia Eagles movie comes out, and my birthday!

I need to tell you all about yesterday, because it was great! My friend Ann Marie and I went up to NYC to see Joe (lildude41384)!! The first place we went was Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. The whole place was really cool! They had a House of Wax room that was basically a haunted house. That room left some battle wounds- Ann Marie accidently smashed my face into a wall when she got scared, I got a cut on my left elbow (I don't even know when!), and poor Joe had to listen to high pitched screaming. After the House of Wax room I spent the rest of the time in the museum trying to find the wax Jon Bon Jovi, and when I found it, I nearly attacked it!! Ok, I did sort of jump on it and get some weird looks from the people behind us, but I don't care! Other fun things from the musem to mention- when we took a picture with Nsync I made Joe stand next to Lance, we saw the Spice Girls, and there was a Jack Sparrow!!

After Madame Tussaud's we went around Times Square, which lead to some interesting events! Outside of Toys R Us I got scammed for $15, oh well. Inside we had a blast though! My favorite part was Joe with the princess dress! Oh, and Joe filmed me making a fool of myself with a hoola hoop (and I had no clue he was filming)! We ended up going to Plant Hollywood for dinner a little while later, which was really fun! We all ordered smoothies, Joe and I both got Bananarama smoothies and Ann Marie got some other kind, I think it was called Pretty In Pink. Let me tell you a little something about her smoothie, I don't know what on earth was in it, but boy did it make her go crazy!  She ended up coloring a watch onto herself, and the waitress!! 

Once we left Planet Hollywood, over 2 hours later, we headed over to the Virgin Mega Store. We had a blast there! We played Dress Up Joe!! We saw some odd clothes, there were a lot of UK ones which made us think of Courtney.  Also, we saw a Paris Hilton record! I was so confused for a minute because I highly doubt anyone that owns a record player would want to listen to her!

After the Virgin Mega Store it was time for us to head home since it was almost 9 and we had hour long train rides home.  It was an amazing day, and I am now sooo much more excited for Disney! It's getting so close guys!

Also, I just have to say.... Long Island Coffee! (Joe will understand)

Well that is basically the short version of the day, I know Joe is going to type something much longer and I don't want to make you all read the same thing twice! To see my pictures from the day you can go here.

I can't wait to see if the waitress adds Ann Marie on myspace...

17 days till I leave!

Boy do I have a lot to say....

I guess I'll start with the bad stuff first, get it out of the way.

So after yesterday I am never going to drive to Giants Stadium- no offence to Joe and other New Yorkers, but damn people- turn signals are given to you for a reason!! It took so long to get there, and we left late cause the girl I went w/ wasn't ready till 2:30. Then my head started hurting really bad, and kept hurting until I woke up today. Also, I was the only sober person in my row at the concert, and the drunks around me were soooo obnoxious. 

Here is the worst part- traffic was a nightmare getting home, my head was pounding and I wanted to do was sleep. So I'm about 2 miles from my house when I get pulled over!! Apparently the speed limit on the road I was driving on was changed from 45 to 35, so I was going a little over 50 thinking it was a 45 zone. A cop got me as I was going freaking downhill, therefore faster then what I was actually traveling. He clockec me at 62, which makes no sense considering I would never go that fast on a road that has an insane amount of deer crossing. Now I have a $180 ticket!! I could argue it, but I wouldn't get a hearing till Sept, and since I move in 20 days, so. 

Now to the happier stuff- before the show started I was talking to this family behind me and there were 3 kids (it was their first concert), one had to be around 12 or 13 and the other two were little. The 2 little girls were wearing disney dresses. I wish I had a camera to take a pic on one of the little girl's faces when I told her I was moving to Disney world. If it wasn't for that fact that Bon Jovi put on such a great show, I would say that was the best part of my night. 

So I have 20 days till I leave, and I really need to keepy myself busy. I was supposed to go to Dorney Park with my cousin today, and then go eat dinner at our favorite resturant that is closing soon, Goodnoes. However I'm not in much of a driving mood, so I'm gonna see if she wants to just get dinner instead. Tomorrow my old roommate (the regular year one, not the whore from the summer), who lives in NY, might come down to my beach house for the night. I was gonna take a train to Penn Station, meet her, and take a train back to the beach. On tuesday I was gonna go back up with her, and hopefully meet up with Joe!! 

EDIT: Oh and my other favorite thing I forgot to mention- when we were tailgating we were sitting with these two people, Frank and Mary. They are teachers who live in the poconos, who were spending a night away from their kids hgaha Anyway, they were like to me, "You'd be PERFECT for our son!" Mary goes to Frank, "She is so perfect- shes nice, clean cut, funny" and Frank goes, "And she likes football!"

Now time for me to start packing, since I have nothing else to do. 

So guess what today is?!?!?!? 

Part 2- oooooooh yeah!!
So today has sucked really.

Joe, Courtney and I were supposed to meet up- but the weather cause Court's flight to Jersey to be canceled.

Then Joe and I were gonna hang out anyway, but its lightning, and we're a rain ride apart...soo that got messed up.

Now its sunny here

I'm so upset right now, I have Bon Jovi tomorrow, but I'm like not even in the mood for that right now.
I swear I'm still on some sort of natural high from the Bon Jovi concert, it's crazy! Want to know the coolest part? I get to see them again!! My friend from work, KT, and I got front row floor seats (ok it's section 13, but still) from ebay! It's this saturday, the last show of the tour, and it's in New Jersey! Ohhhh I can sense a big old party coming! 

So does anyone know what today marks? Today is exactly one month until disney!! I seriously cannot fathom that in one month I am going to be interning at Walt Disney World! Can you say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? 

This leads me to my slight problem... you see, normally the summer means I live in Jersey, unless I have to work. I think I have evened out the time between Jersey and PA pretty well so far, but now I only have 26 days till I leave so it seems like time is running out. I love being in Jersey, I actually just got back from 8 days there, and it feels weird being in PA since it's summer. I have to work all week, hence why I'm here, but now that I'm here I'm starting to realize that after the summer I won't see PA for 5 months, which makes me want to spend more time here. So the problem- do I spend more time in PA since I won't be here till Jan, despite how weird it seems cause Jersey is my summer home? Or should I just stay in Jersey most of the time, like normal, since that's where most of my summer friends are and Jersey makes it feel like summer to me?

Also, about 2/3 of the Bon Jovi pics are on my facebook, and I uploaded a new video to youtube from the concert- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebwMBdop1uk



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